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ASLI 2016 Year-end Party's Draw Ceremony

Jan. 11, 2017

Goodbye, we once cried laughing, 2016;We have been looking forward to, also lost 2016;We used to trapping yourself, eagerly anticipated in 2017;We used to singing and dancing, hobnobbing in 2016;Those who once, those who do not give up.At the moment, please allow me to the heart say "thank you" to you!We are looking forward to the arrival of 2017.All start from scratch, let go of the past, put down those who insisted that no results, finally let me know the cruel reality, also let me grow up to become mature.Let everything from scratch, learn to treasure, learn to understand and learn to take care of and inclusive side those who never leave, thank you for your accompany!Don't need to say goodbye!The old don't go, new not to come.Forget all not happy, not happy, do not need to miss, time will not reverse, all can't again, only the sun will rise again, but that is a new start, let's have a new start!

Are you most looking forward to next draw link, is also the most exciting moment, what a few junior partner will be the lucky today?Lottery who exactly?

Draw the opening, the company vice President Dave Lee and engineering director Mr Nie delivered a warm speech, he reviewed the achievements of 2016 companies to achieve the performance targets set in early, for five consecutive years performance keep 100% growth trend, to the work of each department to give the full affirmation, his confidence in the company's future development, and hope you make persistent efforts, hard work.He asked all ASLI people, in the coming 2017 years, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, keep learning spirit, everything, of men and with the company development to a new height, total peak climbing!

The winner of special-class award of congratulations

Congratulations to the First Prize

Congratulations to the second prize

Congratulations to the Third Prize

In order to break through 2017, we all work together!Blame, fighting side by side.

Asli every colleague;Please always remember;"Working in asli, don't think of yourself as the employees, the company as his own, the company make money, happy, no money, the company keep you, your work and life, and only you can control. No matter what time, you and asli cooperation, ultimately benefit is you!


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ASLi main products: Temperature (humidity) chamber, Desktop Chamber, Thermal Shock Test Chamber, Walk-in Temperature Humidity Room, Aging Room,Sand and Dust Tester , Rain Spray Tester, UV Chamber, Ozone Chamber, Xenon Climate Chamber , Salt Spray Corrosion Chamber, High Temperature (Vacuum )Oven, High Pressure Aging Chamber , Vibration Shaker , CMM Coordibate Measuring Machine , Drop Ball Tester, ,etc

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