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Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber Maintenance

Jul. 25, 2017

Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber Maintenance :

1. Since the temperature humidity chamber is costly, it is suggested to be put in good environment, and our empirical temperature is 8-23℃. If the lab temperature can not meet it, appropriate air-conditioner (air cooling) and cooling column (water cooling) should be equipped.

2. Professional management should be applied. Appointed personnel should be sent for training for professional maintenance at the supplier’s workshop.

3. The condenser should be cleaned periodically (each 3 months). For air cooled compressor, its condensing blower shall be periodically maintenance, and the condenser be periodically dedusted, to ensure good ventilation and heat exchange performance; For water cooled compressor, its inlet water pressure, inlet water temperature & flow shall meet related requirements, and its condenser shall be periodically cleaned, to ensure continuous heat exchange performance of temperature humidity test chamber.

4. The evaporator shall be cleaned periodically (each 3 months). Dust or small particles stay on evaporator under strong wind circulation, which shall be cleaned.

5. The circulating fan blade and condenser blower should be cleaned periodically due to the dust or small particles after a long time operation.

6. The humidifier & water route shall be cleaned periodically, or it will be in dry combustion status and damaged if the water course is blocked or the humidifier is of scaling.

7. When each test is finished, please set temperature to the ambient temperature, keep operating for 30 minutes and then cut off the power. Remember to clean the inner wall of the chamber.

8. It is suggested to move any equipment if required under guidance of our technical staff, to avoid any damage.

9. If the chamber is in non-working status for a long time, it should be electrified each half a month. The electrified time shall be at least one hour.

10. Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber Maintenance principle: Since the chamber is composed of several systems including electric, cooling and mechanical system. Once any problem emerges, the whole equipment shall be checked and analyzed systematically. Generally, the “other reason first, equipment problem then” principle shall apply, which means firstly check if the problems are caused by external factors like the cooling system & power, then check the equipment step by step, for example, firstly check the electric system according to the electric wiring diagram, then check if there is any problem with the cooling system. It is not advisable to remove or replace any part before the reason is clear, or it might cause many troubles.

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