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Standard Light Source box
  • Standard Light Source box
Standard Light Source box

Standard Light Source box

Standard Light Source box


Standard Light Source is a universal preferred choice for fastness, closer and accuracy color matching of textiles, dyeing and garment industry. 


1. Life-time of each lamp up to 4000h (recommended max operation time: 2000h for more accurate test result). 

2. With individual lighting lifetime record function and operating times record function (by on/off) (see figures in page above). 

3. Manually sequence lighting function, Operators can make any combination from existing lights by easily press corresponding button of lights. 

4. With energy-save function, auto power off when reach 2 hours without any operation. 

5 Optional 45° fixed angel specimen stand, make assessment process more comfortable and comparable.  

Technical Parameters :



Light Source Type

D65 stand sun light source,color temperature 65000K.

A sunset light in room,color temperature 2800 

F high effective fluorescent lamp,color temperature 4000

UV source,wavelength 360nm

TL84 western EU and Japan's store source

Internal Dimension WxHxD(mm)


Volume WxHxD(mm)


Weight (Kg)



AC220V, 1∮ 3 lines

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