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Walk In Test Chamber Supplier

Nov. 25, 2017

Walk-in test chamber used in the defense industry, aerospace industry, auto parts auto parts, electronic and electrical components, plastics, chemicals, pharmaceutical industry and related products, heat, cold test, for the industry to provide large parts, semi-finished products, finished products Large temperature and humidity test environment space, suitable for testing product volume, large volume of test equipment.

Walk in temperature humidity chamber

Structural Features of Walk-in test chamber

1, The combination of library unit, the content of the volume can provide any amplification, disassembly easy, according to customer needs the size of the design and cooperation with customers in the future expansion plant and the relocation of convenience.

2, SUS # 304 stainless steel plate and color steel plate, solid structure, convenient folding, simple structure, waterproof and beautiful.

3, Use of ceiling-blown type, to reduce the impact of laboratory wind speed on the sample, at the same time be able to achieve low wind speed uniformity requirements.

4, Bright and spacious large windows with high brightness indoor explosion-proof fluorescent lamp, so that users can observe the test chamber Sui conditions.

5, Refrigeration system uses imported compressors in Europe and America, environmentally friendly refrigerant R507, R23 power supply to be tested and machine security, devices are used with the control design.

6, Full range of safety devices and power failure memory, to ensure the safety of the machine itself and users. Comprehensive protection device, when an exception occurs, the controller screen automatically displays the fault status immediately, cut off the power switch, and provide troubleshooting.

We can provide types of walk-in test chamber, mianly include walk in aging room,Walk in Environmental Temperature Ageing Room,Walk in temperature humidity chamber.

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