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UV Aging Chamber Operation Instructions

Nov. 04, 2017

1, Turn on the power after the two instruments to access the working state, after setting, the equipment into the working condition.

2, Before the power is turned on, pre-set the total test time and lighting time and condensation time.UV aging chamber will run with this set value as the instruction to run. If the operation process needs to be changed related Data is off the main power supply, restart, otherwise the instrument is also set by the previous instruction to run.

UV Test Chamber

3, UV light energy output will gradually decay with time, in order to reduce the impact of light energy attenuation test, so UV aging chamber in every one of the eight fluorescent tubes of fluorescent lamp life (every lamp use Life: 1600H). A new lamp replaced by an old lamp, the rest of the location change as shown below, so that the UV light source is always composed of new and old lamps, resulting in a constant output of light energy.

4, If you need to do the spray then you must turn on the spray switch five minutes after the light ends, set the spray time.

5, In order to make the sample sample can be uniformly exposed to light exposure test, the test sample during the test cycle regularly replace the exposed central and marginal areas, so that all test samples can be uniform irradiation and temperature.

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