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How To Understand Thermal Shock Chamber As An LEC ?

Jan. 19, 2019

A Thermal Shock Chamber is a room chiefly utilized to check wafers at cold and hot temperatures. A thermal shock chamber, also known as thermal test chamber, temperature chamber, thermal chamber, Environmental Test Chamber or localized environmental room (LEC), is mostly utilized to offer a frost-free, light-free and EMI free atmosphere for your unit under test (DUT).

LEC’s are often designed to be low profile and small to allow users to get to the desired temperature faster. For most wafer probing applications, the temperatures usually range from 60 C to 200 C. Other common temperature ranges are -40 C to 200 C. It is also not uncommon to probe at temperatures that range from -60 C to 300 C.

Probing wafers in a chambered system is more challenging than probing wafers in a non-chambered system due to the covers required to seal the chamber. Inserting probe arms into the chamber side and optics through the top requires some sealing materials to prevent ambient temperature from entering the chamber. Temperature Humidity Vibration Test System often restrict some of the mechanical movements of the manipulators or travel range of the microscope movement.

A chambered system using a thermal throw providing hot and cold probing capacities adds quite a lot of price to the probe method. Typically they need to be ordered together with all the probe system. 

Thermal Shock Chamber

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