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How Can The Thermal Shock Test Chamber Not Reach The Test Index?

Mar. 13, 2019

In order to achieve accurate test results, Thermal Shock Test Chamber has high requirements for temperature control. At present, conventional equipment can reach -70 °C - 150 °C. How can the Thermal Shock Test Chamber not reach the test index?

If the thermal shock box cannot reach the test temperature during use, then troubleshoot the equipment:

Thermal Shock Test Chamber

1. In the high temperature test of the thermal shock box, if the temperature change does not reach the test temperature value, the electrical system can be inspected and the faults can be eliminated one by one. If the temperature rises very slowly, it is necessary to check the air circulation system to see if the regulating baffle of the wind cycle is normal. On the contrary, check whether the motor of the wind cycle is running normally. If the temperature is too high, you need to set the PID setting parameters. If the temperature rises directly or even exceeds the over-temperature protection, then the controller is faulty and the control instrument must be replaced!

2. If the low temperature does not reach the test index, then you should observe the temperature change, whether the temperature drop is very slow, or the temperature has a rising trend after the temperature reaches a certain value. The former should check whether it will be before the low temperature test. Dry the studio, keep the studio dry, then put the test sample into the work room and then test it. If the test sample in the work room is too much, the wind in the workroom cannot be fully circulated. After eliminating the above reasons, Consider whether it is a malfunction in the refrigeration system.

If the above methods are not checked to eliminate the problem, or the problems encountered cannot be dealt with, then it is necessary to invite the professional of the manufacturer to carry out inspection and maintenance, and usually pay attention to the correct use and maintenance of the thermal shock box. In order to reduce equipment failure problems and extend the service life!

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