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What Is The Significance Of The Thermal Shock Chamber For Product Testing ?

Mar. 07, 2019

Many industries require Thermal Shock Chamber for testing. Thermal shock chamber are capable of simulating harsh high temperature environments, allowing products to be exposed in harsh environments. Only then can manufacturers accurately grasp the performance and quality of products. Introduce a more perfect product to the market. The following is a brief introduction to the impact of the high temperature environment on the product by Thermal Shock Test Chamber Supplier :

1. High temperature can change the shape of plastic materials.

2. The insulation or sealing of the electronic product is melted and lost by the grouting glue, and the grease is melted and lost, causing damage.

3. The elastic or mechanical properties of the elastic element are reduced, shortening the service life of the product.

4. Accelerate the deterioration and aging process of polymer materials and insulating materials, and shorten the service life of products.

If any of the above changes in the product will cause quality problems, the thermal shock box can expose the potential defects of the product through testing, which can better guide the manufacturer's improvement direction of the product, which is for the company's production research and development and product quality assurance. It is very important.

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