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The Principle Of Cascade Refrigeration For High Low temperature Test Chamber 2

Dec. 12, 2018

High Low temperature Test Chamber cascade refrigeration can be in the form of multiple refrigeration cycles: a cascade refrigeration cycle consisting of two single-stage compression refrigeration cycles, a two-stage compression refrigeration cycle and a single-stage compression refrigeration cycle. A cascade refrigeration cycle consisting of a refrigeration cycle or three single-stage compression refrigeration cycles. Temperature Humidity Test Chamber Manufacturer tell you the advantage of the cascade refrigeration cycle is that a lower evaporation temperature can be obtained. When the evaporation temperature is below -80 ° C, the two-stage compression refrigeration cycle using a single refrigerant is generally incapable, and a cascade refrigeration cycle is naturally employed. However, when the evaporation temperature is between -80 and -50 °C, both cascade refrigeration and two-stage compression refrigerant can be applied. Temperature Test Chamber Supplier tell you The advantage of cascade refrigeration compared to two-stage compression refrigeration is that each compressor of the cascade refrigeration system works in a moderate pressure range, the gas transmission coefficient is improved, and the actual cycle refrigeration coefficient is two-stage compression refrigeration. The loop is high. Moreover, the cascade refrigeration system generally maintains a positive pressure, and air does not easily leak into it. However, cascade refrigeration has reduced economics due to the heat transfer temperature difference of the condensing evaporator, and the refrigeration system is also more complicated than two-stage compression refrigeration, and the entire system requires two or more refrigerants.

According to the above comparative analysis, the selection of the refrigeration cycle needs to take into account the required cooling temperature, the type of refrigerant used, and economic indicators.

The -60 °C Temperature Humidity Test Chamber, Temperature Shock Test Chamber and low temperature test chamber produced by Ai Sili use a cascade refrigeration cycle system, using environmentally friendly R404A, R23 refrigerant, only R404A (energy saving) when dehumidifying R404A and R23 are started when cooling down, and the design is more reasonable.

High Low temperature Test Chamber

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