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Precautions For Installing The Thermal Shock Test Chamber

Apr. 23, 2019

As one of the Thermal Shock Test Chamber Suppliers, let's talk about the installation precautions for the thermal shock test chamber today.

The thermal shock test chamber is a relatively common test equipment, and according to different test requirements, it can be divided into two-box thermal shock test chamber, three-box thermal shock test chamber and large thermal shock test chamber. But no matter which test box you choose, you need to pay attention to a few issues when installing.

1. The thermal shock test chamber needs to be installed in a constant temperature air-conditioned room. The temperature should be kept at about 25 degrees, and the humidity in the air should not exceed 85%.

2. The installation surface of the thermal shock test chamber must be flat. If the floor is covered with floor, it must be secured. In order to avoid shaking of the test chamber or dumping due to ground reasons during the test.

3. Do not leave the test chamber too far from the power supply when installing the test chamber, and confirm the power of the Quality Thermal Shock Chamber before installation.

Quality Thermal Shock Chamber

4. In order to ensure good heat dissipation during operation, it is necessary to pay attention to the distance between the cabinet and the wall surface and other equipment during installation. It is better to be more than 60cm.

5. Install the Quality Thermal Shock Chamber equipment away from direct sunlight and excessive dust.

6. Devices containing radio or electromagnetic waves may not be placed within 3 meters of the laboratory, because the electromagnetic waves emitted by these devices may cause inaccuracies in the test data of the test chamber, and long-term placement in such an environment may affect the service life of the equipment. And test accuracy.

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