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Performance Control of High Temperature Aging Test Room

Jan. 26, 2018

High temperature aging test room (high and low temperature chamber) is one of the simulated climate and environmental testing equipment for a variety of products or materials for high temperature performance test. It is available for scientific research units, product quality inspection centers and industrial and mining enterprises in the laboratory. Digital temperature control, PID self-tuning, and has over-temperature protection and other functions.

High Temperature Aging Test Room

High temperature aging test room is suitable for national standards GB / T2423.2 "Electrical and Electronic Products Environmental Test B: high temperature test method" for testing. In line with GB / T2423.2 test method standard requirements.

High temperature aging test room has the following performance characteristics:

■ shell is a high-quality thin steel, the surface spray; 

■ stainless steel sheet liner;

■ Japan Fuji temperature controller;

■ Wide temperature test range;

■ Pt100 platinum resistance sensor;

■ high temperature control sensitivity, good temperature uniformity;

■ with leakage protection, over-temperature alarm, over-temperature protection.

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