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Maintenance of the Thermal Shock Test Chamber

Aug. 06, 2019

Today, I will introduce how to thoroughly clean and maintain the Thermal Shock Test Chamber. In fact, whether it is a person or a machine, it should be maintained after a period of time. Otherwise, it will malfunction after a long time. So now Humidity Chamber Supplier talks about the maintenance knowledge of the Temperature Shock Testing Chamber:

1. Regularly check the appearance of the compressor for hot and dusty. If it is necessary, we need to deal with it in time, which can extend the service life of the Temperature Shock Testing Chamber.

2. Keep the laboratory temperature within 25 °C at any time, so that we can protect our compressors and make better use of the compressors.

Thermal Shock Test Chamber

Thermal Shock Test Chamber

3. Clean the evaporative dehumidifier regularly (3 months), because after a long time, a lot of ash layer will be condensed on the parts, so regular cleaning is required.

4. Waterway system, this is also very important, and it needs to be cleaned regularly. Because it takes a long time, it will condense a part of the sludge, and then there is no better water supply, so it needs to be cleaned regularly.

5. Adhere to professional management and regular technical training for the Thermal Shock Test Chamber to obtain professional maintenance and maintenance managers and capabilities.

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