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How To Maintain The Thermal Shock Test Chamber

Mar. 04, 2019

The Thermal Shock Test Chamber has to complete the hot and cold cycle process, so there are certain requirements for the ambient temperature. Excessively high and low temperature not only affects the temperature of the equipment, but also affects the electrical control components of the equipment. Therefore, the thermal shock test chamber should be regularly maintained to prolong the service life.

Maintenance of thermal shock test chamber:

1. The thermal shock test chamber should be fixed to clean the condenser every 3 months.

2. When the thermal shock test chamber is used for a long time, after two cycles, it should be defrosted for two hours.

3. The thermal shock test chamber should be cleaned regularly: Since the clean grade of the test sample is different, under the forced air circulation, a large number of small particles such as dust will be condensed on the evaporator, and should be cleaned regularly.

4. Thermal shock test tank water circuit, humidifier should be cleaned regularly: If the water path is not smooth, the humidifier scale is likely to cause the humidifier to dry, which may damage the humidifier.

5. If the thermal shock test chamber equipment needs to be relocated, it should be carried out under the guidance of the technical staff of the Temperature Test Chamber Supplier to avoid damage to the equipment.

6. The cold and thermal shock test chamber will not be used for long-term shutdown. It should be energized every half month regularly. The power-on time is not less than 1 hour, and the operation of the relevant parts of the equipment is normal.

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