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The Key To Extending The Life Of The High Low Temperature Test Chamber

Jun. 13, 2019

According to the data, many consumers have little understanding of the test box parts when purchasing high and low temperature impact boxes. They lack proper judgment and sufficient awareness, so that they cannot purchase high-quality high-temperature impact boxes. Humidity Chamber Supplier summarizes the following points for everyone:

First, the choice of test environment

In general, the High Low Temperature Test Chamber has a relatively high cabinet. We should place it in a relatively benign temperature environment when using it. For a laboratory without this condition, a suitable air conditioner is required.

Second, clean the condenser regularly

The common High Low Temperature Test Chamber usually uses an air-cooled cooling compressor, so it is necessary to periodically check the condensation fan when using the test box and decontaminate and dedust the condenser to obtain good ventilation heat transfer performance.

High Low Temperature Test Chamber

Third, regular cleaning of the evaporator

Under the forced air circulation of the test sample, many small particles such as dust will be condensed on the evaporator, which needs to be cleaned regularly, otherwise it will seriously affect the normal operation of the High Low Temperature Humidity Environmental Test.

Fourth, the cleaning of the waterway and humidifier

If the water path is not smooth, the humidifier will easily cause the humidifier to dry after it is fouled, which may damage the humidifier. Therefore, the water circuit and the humidifier must be cleaned regularly.

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