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Introduction of Package Incline Shock Tester

Jan. 16, 2018

Bevel impact test rig simulates the product packaging in the actual environment impact resistance to damage the ability, such as handling, stacking shelves, motor sliding, loading and unloading locomotives, product transport, etc., the machine can also be used as research institutions, colleges Institutions, packaging technology test center, packaging materials manufacturing plant and foreign trade, transportation and other departments ramp test equipment commonly used.

Package Incline Shock Tester

Package Incline Shock Tester Features

1. Flexible positioning of the electric pulley, easy to fix a simple location to achieve the desired value of speed changes;

2 Pulley height is relatively low, is conducive to the installation of test samples; enhanced impact plate, protect the structure of solid.

3 It can be adjusted to the level of the trolley table, user-friendly installation of the specimen; angle adjustment with cylinder-driven, flexible and convenient.

4. Package Incline Shock Tester can be operated by remote control, fully guarantee the safety of test personnel;

5. Installation, the customer simply fixed the machine on the ground, no other complex operation or installation, easy to test.

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