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Hot and Cold Temperature Cycling Test Chamber

May. 12, 2018

ASLI is test chambers manufacturer, providing high quality hot and cold temperature cycling test chamber. Adopting first-rate numerical control processing equipment from abroad, R&D of cross-strait processing support centers; self-designed assembly lines and supporting facilities, standardization of production processes, consistent production methods, more flexible implementation of standards-based personnel, skills and technology, and improved production processes.

The E-production management platform is used to integrate all departmental technologies and processes into the flat production management platform, adopt the concept of resource sharing, and improve product quality to reduce product defects.

Hot and cold cycle impact testing machine service unlimited

Cold and heat cycle impact tester for the sales of products, from time to time maintenance, at least to ensure that 4 times a year of maintenance records, tracking one-stop caring service. From four perspectives, ASLI can clearly understand the root cause of the discrepancy between the quotes of the hot and cold cycle impact testers.

When ASLI is facing the customer's choice of hot and cold cycle impact testing machine, besides satisfying the requirements, the concern is the price of this product. Today, I talked about the price of the thermal and thermal cycle impact testing machine in the reliability industry. . So that everyone has a deeper understanding of this piece.

Hot and Cold Temperature Cycling Test Chamber

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