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How To Make The High Temperature Aging Test Room More Energy Efficient ?

Mar. 20, 2019

The High Temperature Aging Test Room is an indispensable testing device for many industries, but the High Temperature Aging Test Room is a high-power device that will cause a lot of energy costs for long-term use. As a Testing Chamber Factory, let's introduce a few ways to make the High Temperature Aging Test Room more energy efficient.

1. Defining the aging test requirements: If the high temperature range is arbitrarily determined, it is easy to cause confusion to the designer and increase the number of energy designs. For example, an aging room of a certain size, if designed according to 50 degrees, may only need 12KW heating power, but if designed according to 70 degrees, it needs at least 14KW heating. In this way, the 50-degree design method is more energy-saving and heating than the 70-degree design.

2. The thermal performance of the High Temperature Aging Test Room must be completed. This requires working hard on the insulation library. In fact, every manufacturer who does the aging room will do it. Only some customers save the construction cost and save the surrounding insulation maintenance structure, which also causes the loss of heat during operation and increases the output of the heating amount at constant temperature.

High Temperature Aging Test Room

3. When the High Temperature Aging Test Room is in operation, the circulating fan must be running continuously, which is also a relatively large energy loss during the operation of the aging room. In this respect, energy saving is relatively straightforward. The lower the power of the overall wind motor, the higher the energy efficiency (in the case of the same amount of heating).

4. At the same time, in operation, it should be used according to the operating rules. At the same time, the test process should minimize the number of doors opening in the aging room, because the more the door opening, the more heat is lost, and it takes more energy!

If you can effectively pay attention to the above factors, then the High Temperature Aging Test Room can be more energy efficient during use.

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