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Repair Recommendations For High Low Temperature Test Chamber Controller

Apr. 03, 2019

As one of the Thermal Shock Test Chamber Suppliers, we have the following repair recommendations for the failure of the High Low Temperature Test Chamber controller.

The high and low temperature test box controllers are commonly used in the following three types: 1. Software failure 2. System failure 3. Hardware failure

1. Soft fault. The soft fault mainly refers to the controller fault of the High Low Temperature Test Chamber, including internal parameters, IS control and output signals for controlling the on and off of the solenoid valve.

2. System failure. System failure refers to the initial design of the refrigeration system. It also includes the high and low temperature test chambers caused by refrigerant leakage. The refrigerant leakage is often caused by the shaking or cooling of the copper tube during transportation and High Low temperature Test Chamber operation. The welding process is not refined and other reasons.

High Low Temperature Test Chamber

3. Hardware failure. Among them, there are components that may cause refrigeration such as hardware compressors and solenoid valves that are not cooled.

Our users can get an idea of what hardware damage is by listening and touching. If the compressor is faulty, the sound of the compressor will be abnormal or not working or the temperature of the compressor itself will be much higher than usual, and the solenoid valve will be faulty and other. The user of the component failure of the refrigeration is not very well mastered.

In addition, the damage of the controller and the control of the electronic components of the refrigeration system may also cause the High Low Temperature Test Chamber to not cool down or cool.

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