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Domestic "Artifact" High And Low Temperature Impact Test Chamber, You Can Trust

Jul. 11, 2018

There are many professional manufacturers of high and low temperature impact test chambers in China, but they can be called ”artifacts”, which are not high-low temperature impact test chambers for non-AI SI LI instrument test equipment. Dongguan AI SI LI Instrument is dedicated to high and low temperature test machine series products and various environmental test chambers. The high-tech enterprise of product development, production, sales and service is a professional environmental testing equipment manufacturer with leading technology and high quality test products.

The high-low temperature impact test chamber of Dongguan AI SI LI Instrument has a wide range of applications, mature manufacturing technology, simple structure, low requirements on processing materials and processing IT, low cost, strong adaptability, and can adapt to a wide range of pressures and cooling capacity. The maintainability is strong, and all the core accessories are imported with imported brand accessories, which makes the equipment more powerful.

Among the core components, the “Big Four” system is the main accessory. They play an extremely important role. They are the refrigeration system, electrical system, humidification system and lighting system. The refrigeration system adopts the original French Taikang compressor unit, and the refrigerant adopts the DuPont brand of the United States, with strong cooling effect and stable performance. The core electrical components of the electrical system are imported well-known brands such as Schneider and Omron. The humidification system adopts the internationally popular shallow trough humidification method, and the humidification effect and temperature control are more precise. The lighting system uses the Philips kit, and the observation window is funnel-shaped for a wider viewing field.

In addition, our high and low temperature impact test chamber has new optimized design, small footprint, and large window observation window. The state of the test product is more visual and reliable, and the whole machine is free of charge for two years. The operation is simpler and runs. More stable and 100% safe. AI SI LI fully implements the thoughtful sunshine service concept of “Thinking what customers think, urgency for customers, exceeding customer expectations”, and is a good manufacturer worthy of your choice.We produce high low temperature test chamber, temperature humidity chamber, climatic chamber, temperature cycling chamber with good quality.

high low temperature test chamber

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