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Film Constant Temperature Humidity Test Box

May. 03, 2018

In this news, we will introduce film constant temperature humidity test box.

1. The definition of the humidity of the diaphragm constant temperature and humidity test box?

The thin film constant temperature and humidity test box represents the physical quantity of atmospheric dryness. At a certain temperature, the less water vapor contained in a certain volume of air, the drier the air;

The more air, the more humid the air. The degree of dryness and humidity in the air is called "humidity."

Absolute humidity: The mass of water vapor contained in a certain volume of air. Generally, the unit is g/m3.

Relative Humidity: Relative Humidity is the ratio of absolute humidity to high humidity, and its value shows how high the saturation of water vapor is. We usually refer to

The humidity (68% RH, the humidity displayed on the hygrometer, etc.) is relative humidity.

Constant Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

2. What are the main differences between temperature and humidity combination cycles and heat and humidity heat and other damp heat tests?

The main differences are: temperature and humidity combined cycle test in the given time, there are more changes in the temperature or "breathing" effect; a larger cycle temperature range; a large rate of temperature change; including multiple times below zero The temperature changes.

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