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Features of Rain Spray Test Chamber

Dec. 14, 2017

Do you know the features of rain spray test chamber? ASLI would like to help you analyze it.

Features of Rain Spray Test Chamber

1. Efficient centrifugal stainless steel pumps, low noise, low energy consumption.

2. Micro-flowmeter, intuitive display of water flow.

3. Anti-vibration pressure gauge, system pressure parameters at a glance.

4. Rain spray test chamber has adjustable pressure relief valve to prevent abnormal high pressure.

5. RO filter, disassembly and maintenance easy to prevent the water hole blocked.

6. Controller + driver + stepper motor precise control test bed speed.

7. Rain spray test chamber adopts controller + driver + stepper motor precise control of the swing angular velocity.

8. Multi-function display panel: power supply, operation, emergency stop light, flash buzzer and control interface.

ASLI is a rain spray test chamber manufacturer in China. We produce and export high precision and safe rain spray test chamber to all over the world. Welcome browse our website or follow our social media accounts.

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