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Environment Vibration Test

May. 15, 2018

Environment vibration test is very important to test the product quality. Environmental vibration chamber helps a lot. Refers to the regulations that must be followed by the laboratory to simulate the on-site vibration environment. The test specification shall specify such indicators as test intensity and duration. If the product can withstand the test under the conditions required by these indicators, it shall be deemed to be acceptable. The test specification shall ensure that the products subject to laboratory assessment are used without problems in the field, to ensure that no undue destruction of the product is caused by rigorous testing, and that the test is simple and feasible and has a short test period.

Environmental Vibration Chamber

Since the on-site environment is difficult to reproduce without distortion, and a test result of the vibration environment is only a special case (subsample), it cannot represent all the environments (overall) that the product may experience. Therefore, the test specification must be subject to extensive testing on the site environment. On the basis of analysis and induction, and after investigation of the failure of the product, use mathematical statistics methods to formulate an equivalent criterion. The equivalent criteria include cumulative damage equivalent criteria and response peak equivalent criteria. Studies have shown that for most electromechanical products, there is no universal equivalent relationship between random vibration and sinusoidal vibration. Products that work in a random environment should be assessed using random vibration tests as much as possible. In order to shorten the test cycle, a intensive test that increases the test intensity may be used.

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