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Energy Saving Measures in the Laboratory

Jul. 12, 2019

As a Walk In Aging Room Supplier, we share with you the energy saving measures of the entry lab.

First, the operation function

The design of the walk-in laboratory operation page automatically and automatically adjusts the temperature fluctuations and reduces the temperature difference to implement automatic energy saving.

a. After turning on the power switch, the machine will automatically enter the self-tuning state to prepare for starting work;

b. Under normal working conditions, press the minus button for 4 seconds to enter the self-tuning state, making it easier for the machine to return to normal;

c. The walk-in laboratory adjusts the self-tuning parameter to 1 according to the control parameter adjustment method;

d. After the auto-tuning is finished, the device automatically returns to the normal working state.

Walk in Stability Test Chamber

Second, performance design:

At any high and low temperature point, the Walk in Stability Test Chamber can quickly reach the desired temperature without excessive heating, reducing the operating power of the laboratory by a factor of two and reducing the operating cost of the refrigeration system.

a. cooling capacity adjustment of the refrigeration system;

b. Evaporation temperature is effectively adjusted;

c. Gas-liquid bypass regulation

d. Adopt intelligent automatic conversion expansion system.

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