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Dust Proof Skills of Thermal Shock Test Chamber

Sep. 19, 2017

Thermal shock test chamber is widely used. Its international leading design, surface spray treatment, high texture appearance, no handle reaction, simple operation gains the majority of users’ high evaluation. Do you know how does it realize dust-proof?

Thermal Shock Test Chamber

First of all, keep the thermal shock test chamber external cleaning. The internal impurities should be cleaned out before operation. Distribution room should be cleaned once a year or more, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the indoor dust suction. Outside of the test chamber should be cleaned every year. It should use soapy water when cleaning .

Then check the thermal shock test chamber, remember to check the over temperature protector. The water in a humidifier should be changed once a month, to ensure the quality of water. The humidifying pan should be cleaned once a month, to ensure smooth flow.

Finally, it is the maintenance to thermal shock test chamber. Remember to maintain the condenser every month regularly, and use vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust attached to the condenser heat sink net.

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