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Daily Maintain of High Low Temperature Test Chamber

Jan. 23, 2018

1, High and low temperature test chamber is not smooth water, or humidifier scaling will easily lead to the humidifier dry, but also may damage the humidifier, so the waterway and humidifier must be cleaned.

2, Because the working environment of the equipment varies, the circulating fan and condenser fan will gather a lot of dust, so it should be daily care.

3, When the test sample time to remove it, but we must pay attention to is to shut down the state.

4, High Low Test Chamber should be in operation before the internal impurities (objects) removed.

5, After each test, it is recommended to clean the High Low Test Chamber with clean water to ensure that the equipment is clean, and the cabinet should be dried after drying to ensure that the cabinet is dry.

High Low Temperature Test Chamber

The above is the daily maintenance of high and low temperature test chamber. We are China test chamber supplier. In accordance with the above can not only extend the service life of the equipment but also can effectively enhance the performance of the equipment.

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