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How to Choose Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber?

Sep. 12, 2017

We may choose the constant temperature and humidity test chamber according to the six tips.

Firstly, the range of temperature. This can be seen from the lowest and the lowest temperature.

Second, the cycle function. Whether the equipment has the function of temperature cycling, can be analyzed from the temperature cycle between repeated cycle switching curve.

Third, humidity range. We should check if the test chamber has humidity function.

Fourth, thermal load. are generally electronic products for electricity testing more in electricity situation, the products being tested will be fever, it will cause the load, so we must pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions load on the process to buy equipment.

Fifth, equipment handling. Determine the location of the final arrangement of equipment reference to the overall size of the equipment.

Sixth, the power of test chamber should match the power in the test room.

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