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Brief Introduction Of Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

Jun. 25, 2018

Product Usage of temperature humidity test chamber

The product is suitable for aerospace products, information electronic instruments and meters, materials, electricians, electronic products, various electronic components in the high and low temperature or hot and humid environment, test its performance index.

Box structure

The inner gallbladder adopts imported high-grade stainless steel (SUS304) mirror panels, and the outer gallbladder is sprayed with A3 steel plate, which increases the appearance texture and cleanliness.

The replenishing tank is placed in the lower right part of the control box, and there is automatic protection against water shortage, which is more convenient for the operator to supplement the water source.

The large observation window with the illuminator keeps the inside of the box bright, and uses the heat-generating body-embedded tempered glass to clearly observe the conditions inside the box at any time.

The humidification system pipeline is separated from the control circuit board to avoid failure due to leakage of the humidification pipeline and improve safety.

The multi-blade air blower provides strong air circulation to avoid any dead angles and allows uniform temperature and humidity distribution in the test area.

The bottom of the machine is made of high-quality, fixed PU wheels.

Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

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