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What's The Principle Of The Xenon Arc Lamp Test Chamber ?

Aug. 10, 2018

Xenon Arc Lamp Test Chamber make the samples exposed to the high temperature and alternating back to the circle of light and moisture environment to test the materials. This machine use xenon lamp tube to simulate the sunlight radiation, and use condensation water and spray water to simulate the dew and rain. This instrument only use a few days or weeks time, to realize the condition or the parts aging damage state in outside environment in few months or years. Including fade, color change, fracture, crack, wrinkle, foaming, embrittlement, strength reduction, oxidization and so on.

Radiation light source is the solar spectrum xenon lamp, automatically track irradiation intensity, precisely control the blackboard temperature, irradiation cycle, dark cycle, spray cycle all can set according to relevant test standards or customer's requirements . Xenon lamp box (desktop weather resistance test) according to the user's controller to choose imported touch screen control instrument or intelligent digital display controlling instrument.

Xenon Test Chamber with ultraviolet radiation sensors, it can amend the aging tube or any other changes in the light energy decrease in time. Ultraviolet radiation sensors allows you to select proper light irradiation during the test. Ultraviolet radiation sensors can monitor indoor light irradiation intensity continuously, and by adjusting the power of tubes, can accurately keep the irradiation intensity in operation value.

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Xenon Arc Lamp Test Chamber

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