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UV Aging Test Chamber Introduction

Oct. 23, 2018

UV Aging Test Chamber is acceptable for the aging evaluation of non-metallic materials resistant to sun and artificial lighting. Light supply frees eight UV fluorescent lamps which rated power is 400W as a light source. UV fluorescent tubes have been dispersed on sides of room, each facet has four (You will find UVA-340 and UVB-313 lighting resource for users to choose the settings ).

UV Climate Resistant Aging Test Chamber is to simulate light; it especially simulates products lasting placement in the outside. It only requires a couple of days or months to simulate the harm resulting from ultraviolet in the sun, which requires a couple of months or even years in outdoors. To assess whether the goods have evaporating occurrence, brightness diminished, powder occurrence, breaking occurrence, fuzzy occurrence, strength reduction and oxidation occurrence; it may also replicate the intrusion of rain and dew in precisely the exact same moment. UV Climate Resistant Aging Chamber does the evaluation by putting the samples exposed to the interaction of controlled sunlight and moisture, at precisely the exact same time boost the temperature. (Adopt UV fluorescent lamps to mimic sunlight, at precisely the exact same time mimic the moisture impact by spraying or condensation procedure ).

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UV Aging Test Chamber

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