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UV Aging Test Chamber Application Areas

Aug. 21, 2018

The UV Aging Test Chamber manufacturer with experience in production in China, the UV aging test box produced by Dongguan aisili is widely sold all over the world and is highly recognized and trusted by domestic and overseas users. The old brand, good reputation, conveys the product quality and service quality of the UV aging test chamber.

Use of UV aging test chamber:

The UV Climate Resistant Aging Chamber simulates the hazards caused by sunlight and dew. The effect of sunlight is simulated by ultraviolet light, and rainwater and dew are simulated by condensation moisture. The materials to be tested are placed in alternating light and moisture circulation at a certain temperature. The types of hazards include: discoloration, discoloration, pulverization, Cracking and foaming embrittlement strength decline and oxidation. Testing can help select new materials, improve existing materials, and evaluate how changes in formulation affect product durability. Our UV Test Chamber meets the national standard: GB/T14522-93 American standard: ASTMD-4674.

Model EC-A

Studio size (mm) (D × W × H): 450 × 1170 × 500

Outer box size (mm) (D × W × H): 500 × 1380 × 1480

Temperature range: room temperature +10 ° C ~ +70 ° C

Humidity range: ≥95% R•H

Wavelength range: 290 ~ 400nm

Test sample capacity: 75 × 150 (mm) (standard type)

Box material: stainless steel plate electrostatic spraying

Liner material: SUS304 stainless steel plate

Control system: Germany "Golden Bell Moeller" programmable controller

Protection function: over temperature protection, phase loss protection, water shortage protection

UV Aging Test Chamber

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