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Thermal Shock Test Chamber Used In A Wide Range Of Applications

Sep. 12, 2018

The Thermal Shock Test Chamber control panel uses a large touch screen display of liquid crystal, which can display multiple functions. The set test parameters, curves, total running time, heater status and time display can be displayed on the display.

The ability to control the software system is also an advantage, for the heating, cooling and other sub-control can be achieved by their own combination. Therefore, high-precision control over the entire temperature range can be ensured, and energy saving and consumption reduction can be achieved at the same time. Moreover, the Temperature Shock Chamber also has a complete detection device, which can automatically perform detailed fault display and alarm. For example, when the Temperature Shock Testing Chamber is abnormal, the controller displays the fault status in Chinese characters, and has historical data table trend graph and historical fault record. Storage function.

Thermal Shock Test Chamber

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