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Several Problems That Should Be Noted In The Thermal Shock Test Chamber

Aug. 29, 2018

The place where the Thermal Shock Test Chamber is placed must be well ventilated and free of dust. It is necessary to adhere to the surface cleaning of the compressor. If the equipment is not used for a long time, it can be placed in a dust-free space;

It is necessary to follow the guidelines of“maintenance and prevention, prevention”, and timely maintenance and forced implementation. Correct handling, maintenance and repair are not allowed to be used only, but not cultivated;

The use of the Temperature Shock Test Chamber should be“three inspections and one handover (self-inspection, mutual inspection, full-time inspection and one-time pass), and continuously summarize the maintenance experience and improve the quality of maintenance. Develop a sound and feasible maintenance plan;

It is necessary to stabilize the voltage between the working rooms. If the voltage is unstable, the current will be too large or too small. If it is operated in such an environment for a long time, it will cause great damage to the compressor. It is recommended to use the regulator to connect the equipment;

In the application of the Temperature Impact Testing Chamber, the compressor cannot be started frequently, and the launching time is better than 15 minutes.

Thermal Shock Test Chamber

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