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Several Requirements For Thermal Shock Test Chamber In LED Industry Test

Nov. 09, 2018

LED special Thermal Shock Test Chamber must have multi-stage test procedure, because LED products will encounter various complicated and varied natural environments during use, such as high and low temperature sudden changes, high temperature and high humidity alternating, high temperature and low humidity at the same time, etc. The environment requires a sophisticated environmental simulation function for the thermal shock test chamber to meet the test requirements.

LED special Thermal Shock Chamber must meet the power function of the test box, because the LED product needs to be tested during the test, which requires the thermal shock test box to have the test box external connection hole to meet this basic requirement.

LED special Temperature Shock Chamber Manufacturer should treat LED test as a special test. For the test requirements of LED manufacturers, it is necessary to go through scientific and rational design planning to help LED manufacturers to design scientific and reasonable test plans. To ensure that LED manufacturers can do all kinds of tests smoothly.

Thermal Shock Test Chamber

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