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Explanation On The Decisive Factors Of Damp Heat In Constant And Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

Aug. 07, 2018

Temperature Humidity Test Chamber are available as standard products in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Our High Low Temperature Humidity Environmental Test Chamber are often used for steady-state stability testing, basic temperature cycling and accelerated stress testing.

The damp heat temperature can achieve high temperature, low temperature and constant temperature in the constant temperature and humidity test chamber. Reasonable test in the temperature range required for the test and cyclic temperature change under temperature environment are all effects on temperature and humidity. A change in usage and performance issues. However, in the constant temperature humidity test chamber, the test results are not up to standard because the range of temperature and humidity or the uniformity of the adjustment is inaccurate or out of range. In this question, what are the decisive factors for the damp heat?

When the Constant Temperature Humidity Chamber is tested, when the air and the surface generator touch the amount, it will exchange heat with the open water surface, so that the difference in water temperature will produce two kinds of conditions. One is for sensible heat exchange only for generators, but the other is that sensible heat exchange is also likely to occur, and wet exchange may occur, but there is also the possibility of latent heat exchange. For water temperature problems, sensible heat occurs. When it is exchanged, it is because there is a temperature difference between water and air, and heat treatment is performed due to convection, heat conduction and radiation. Therefore, the water vapor in the air evaporates to absorb the latent heat of vaporization, and the latent heat exchange is generated.

Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

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