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Six Standards For Constant Temperature Humidity Chamber

Sep. 21, 2018

We can consider six aspects in the process of purchasing Constant Temperature Humidity Chamber.

First, the temperature range, the temperature range of the equipment can be analyzed from the reference of the highest temperature and the lowest temperature.

Second, the cycle function, whether the Temperature Humidity Test Chamber has a temperature cycle function can be analyzed from the cyclic cycle of cyclic cycling between temperatures.

Third, the humidity range, whether the equipment has the function of humidity, the temperature range is probably considered.

Fourth, the heat load is generally more than that of the electronic product. In the case of power-on, the Temperature Humidity Desktop to be tested must be heated, so that the load will be generated, so we must pay attention to the manufacturer in the process of buying the equipment. Describe the load situation.

Fifth, the equipment handling, the physical dimensions of the reference equipment to determine the final arrangement of the equipment.

Sixth, the power supply, the power level of the equipment and the final laboratory power supply can match

These six aspects are very important. If you want to buy a reliable China Humidity Test Chamber, you must choose the constant temperature and humidity test chamber you need according to these six standards.

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