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Korean Customer Visited Our Company To Investigate The Acceleration Mechanical Shock Tester

Nov. 29, 2018

Recently, two customers from South Korea came to our company to visit and inspect the cooperation of the Acceleration Mechanical Shock Tester. We opened the customer's trip to Dongguan. After the customer left the baggage, they went to our production workshop with our foreign trade colleagues. Seriously look at the workshop prototype, and the technicians of our company also carefully explained the working principle of the Acceleration Shock Tester and the performance quality, and also let the customer perform the actual operation on the equipment. The customer expressed great satisfaction and praised many times. Afterwards, the customer carried out further cooperation and negotiation with the relevant project personnel of our company in the conference room. During the subsequent conversation, the two parties reached the next cooperation concept and ideas in a warm and friendly atmosphere. It can be seen that the customer is very satisfied with the Mechanical Shock Tester. And confirmed that the purchase of our acceleration mechanical tester on the spot prepaid part of the project funds (US dollars).

During the negotiation, our company clearly confirmed the requirements of the customers, basically guaranteed the smooth development of the production; and deepened the understanding of both parties and consolidated the cooperation relationship between the two parties. It is conducive to long-term cooperation and mutual benefit.

Acceleration Mechanical Shock Tester

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