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Causes Of Condensation Caused By High Temperature Aging Test Room

Oct. 12, 2018

In the temperature test such as High temperature Aging Test Room, the cause of product condensation is that when the ambient temperature of the Walk In Stability Chamber.

 rises, the surface temperature of the product is lower than the ambient temperature due to thermal inertia, when the hot and humid ambient air encounters low At the surface of the product on the dew point, water vapor will condense on the surface to form dew drops.

Moreover, if the Walk In Aging Room is sealed, when the ambient temperature of the product is lowered, the inner wall temperature of the product casing is cooled faster than the air temperature in the cavity, and the hot and humid air in the cavity is condensed into dew drops on the inner wall of the product casing. Since most products are not completely sealed, condensation is generally present during the warming phase.

The condensation of the Temperature Humidity Stability Test Equipment is related to the material used, the size of the cavity, the temperature rise and fall, and the relative humidity. The worse the heat absorption of the material, the larger the cavity, the faster the temperature rise and fall, and the greater the relative humidity, the more the condensation will be. Condensation can be prevented as long as any of the conditions under which the condensation occurs is destroyed.

High temperature Aging Test Room

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