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The Working Principle Of Highly Accelerated Stress Test Chamber

Jan. 07, 2019

HAST Chamber, Highly Accelerated Stress Test, Intense humidity test chamber, meticulous testing is a way for getting more data from a specified test time than could usually be possible. It does this using a test environment which is more intense than that experienced through ordinary equipment usage. Highly Accelerated Stress Testing (HAST) is 1 method of testing.

Highly Accelerated Stress Test Chamber was devised to reduce the test time required to find useful results. Because of time limitations in projects, engineers search for a quicker solution to find out when their product meets the criteria of their specific business. HAST testing employs a higher fever (105°C), high relative Humidity (roughly 85 percent ), and large atmospheric pressure states (up to 4 atm ). HAST testing lots the specimen with moisture and heat Stresses to locate the hidden flaws that might lead to failure for the consumer relying on it. In analyzing products for reliability, specifying the evaluation conditions is the principal step. Evaluation conditions must meet program requirements so as to generate testing relevant. HAST Accelerated Aging Chamber has additionally consequently become a more cost efficient choice. 

HAST Chamber

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