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Climate Resistant Test Chamber
  • Climate Resistant Test Chamber
Climate Resistant Test Chamber

Climate Resistant Test Chamber

Climate Resistant Test Chamber (UV/ Sunlight)

Climate Resistant Test Chamber is applied to test the sample aging resistant performance by explore the samples under  simulated  extremes sunlight ,humidity , etc. nature environmental conditions, can know the samples’ fade, transmittance, glossiness, stripping, hard, softening performance in short time. This machine is widely used in t he aviation industry, paint industry, coating industry. The automotive industry, textile industry, dye industry, plastic industry, building industry, etc.

1. Can record the temperature, humidity, arc light voltage, arc light current, BT black ball temperature and arc light in the same time.
2. 60H continuous testing.
3. BT black ball temperature digital display, damper regulator can be controlled for stable of black ball's temperature.
4. Unique DEW design
5.All data use digital display for long time management.
6. Adopt carbon arc Intensity detector, to keep the wave length in standard range.

Technical Parameters:

Light deviceUV carbon arc lightSunlight carbon arc light
Internal Dimension
W×H×D (mm)
800×1000×800700× 800×7001000×1000×1000
External Dimension
W×H×D (mm)
1300× 2000×13001200×1800×12001500×2100×1500
Testing Time (hr)2060hr
Testing Voltage120V-145V (135V)120V-145V48V-52V(50V)
Testing Current15A-17A(16A)15A-17A58A-62A(60A)
Black Ball  Thermometer63±3℃~83±3℃
Dia. Of Test Shelf
Φ , (mm)
Revolution Speed of
Testing Shelf (rpm)
1 ~5
Sample Shelf390×70mm 30 pcs248×50mm 20 pcs390×70mm 30 pcs
Temperature RangeRT +15℃~85℃RT +15℃~63℃RT +15℃~85℃
Humidity Range40%R.H.-85%R.H.
(when temperature is RT+15℃)
(when temperature is RT+15℃)
(when temperature is 80℃)
Carbon rodUpperΦ13×305mm
(2 pcs)
PowerAC220V , 1∮ 3 lines,  50/60HZ ; AC380V ,3∮ 5 lines , 50/60HZ

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